Новости: выпущен 256-ядерный процессор MPPA 256

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Новость: http://www.hipeac.net/content/european-investments-advanced-computing-systems-deliver-results

О процессоре: http://www.kalray.eu/products/mppa-manycore/mppa-256/

Название: MPPA 256

The first member of the MPPA MANYCORE family integrates 256 cores and high-speed interfaces (PCIe, Ethernet and DDR) to communicate with the external world. MPPA 256 provides more than 500 billion operations per second, with low power consumption, positioning MPPA MANYCORE as one of the most efficient processing solutions in the professional electronic market.


256 VLIW cores per chip, organized in 16 clusters of 16 cores, interconnected by a high bandwidth Network-on-Chip:

- FPU 32 bits / 64 bits IEEE 754
- Virtually unlimited array extension by clustering several chips
- Standard I/Os and interfaces
- Hi-throughput memory controllers Flash / DDR, for external storage of up to 128 GB
- 28 nm CMOS technology
- Low power dissipation typ. 5 W
- Standard BGA package


MPPA MANYCORE processors also integrate several standard high speed I/O interfaces for simple board & system integration :

- Two 64-bit DDR3 memory controllers for high bandwidth main memory transfers
- Two 40 Gb/s (or up to eight 10 Gb/s) Ethernet controllers for efficient network processing applications
- Two 8-lane PCI Express Gen 3 interfaces for high speed connection to host or system integration
- General purpose serial and parallel I/O for standard multimedia stream exchange
- Four 4 to 8-lane high speed Interlaken interfaces for multi-MPPA MANYCORE chip system integration or connection to external FPGAs.