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Siberian Innovative Portal "Science, Education, Technology, Environment"

The Siberian Innovative Portal "Science, Education, Technology, Environment" forms the skeleton of a network structure for the support of innovative activities ( The objective of this structure is to improve information exchange between the participants of innovative activity. The portal integrates various information resources. It also creates the unified information space. Complex innovative projects can be formed on the basis the unified information space with the help of custom modules, tools and thematical corporate portals. Such projects are meant to be developed by so called virtual teams.

The portal provides the following:

  1. an online access to huge volume of full text information (such as articles, papers, reports, books, patents, etc.) by the means of various classifiers that can be adjusted by users;
  2. acquisition of information from heterogeneous distributed sources of knowledge by the search criterea that is set by a user;
  3. formation of a virtual team of participants of innovative activity, providing the members of a team with comfortable environment for communications (as if they are communicating locally) and the documentation and the results of simulation;
  4. providing the members of virtual teams with a tool (portal constructor) for construction of custom corporate portal and personalized workplace;
  5. the use of "simulative" innovative design, which implies a wide exploitation of computational software, especially simulating systems at all the steps of design.


S. V. Piskunov
M. B. Ostapkevich
V. E. Malyshkin