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Assembly technology of parallel programming is a new approach for parallel programs construction. Construction of parallel program under AT is almost automatic and that significantly decreases time user needs for developing and debugging his program. View details
Asyncronous Programming System  
Executive Subsystem The project is devoted to the development of executive subsystem which is intended to be the lower level of all the field-oriented parallel programming systems we are going to create in the future. View details
Fine Grain Computations The project is directed to the creation of fine-grained computation technologies for spatial dynamics simulation. The concept if fine-grained parallelism includes models, algorithms and computing technologies two main principles: locality and parallelism of intercell interaction. Due the short period of fine-grained parallelism studying and application, there are many problems to be solved in order to form the computing technology.
History of Computing View details
Large Scale numerical modeling  
NumGRID Project Main objective of the NumGRID project is to provide the use of the heterogeneous remote multicomputers for large-scale numerical modeling. There exist such super large-scale problems that demand the use of all the accessible supercomputer resources. In particular, next years we should provide the proper computational resources for simulation of protoplanet disc evolution and galaxy formation. View details
NWO-Grid Joined project in High Performance Simulation on the Grid. View details
NWO-Plasma The aim of the project is to investigate a fundamental and most actual plasma physics problem, that is the plasma induced generation of clusters and their incorporation in deposited thin films.View details
Digital Electromagnetic Model of the Power System: Parallel Implementation for Multicomputers. View details
We are elaborating a system of visualization programs synthesis for problems of the numerical simulation. The system is intended for automation of graphics programs development. SAGE is an acronym for the Scientific Application Graphical Environment.View details
SET Project The aim of the SET project is to provide help for application programmers in their attempts to reach the highest possible performance of parallel programs on target supercomputers. View details
STAR The project is devoted to design a group of associative parallel algorithms for solving optimization graph problems.
RoboWar Multiagent system game project