"In retrospect, we can state now, without exaggeration,
beginning from early 60s the Russian research in parallel computing
has been concentrated in Siberia..."

Ya. Fet, D. Pospelov. Parallel Computing in Russia.
Lect. Notes in Comp. Sci., Vol. 964

Russian Academy of Sciences * Siberian Branch
ICMMG (former Computing Centre) * Academgorodok * Novosibirsk

Supercomputer Software Department (SSD)

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Dear colleagues,

PaCT-2005 Web site is available now! These pages contain information on call for papers, deadlines, program and organizing committees and sponsors.
Please visit our new Parallel Computing Technologies-2005 (PaCT) Website.

The SSD performs the complex study of diversified fields of parallel computer science. We are mantaining this diversity and encourage the researches in various directions to provide the "critical mass" of results which are necessary to develop progressive computing technologies. It is in parallel computing technology that the newest results of the scientific investigations and practical experience are combined. As every pragmatic activity the parallel computing technologies demand a complex approach to be realized well enough. More...

Technical University of Novosibirsk has established the Chair on Parallel Computing Technologies, staff members of the Chair are recruited among the stuff members of SSD (part time positions only). This is a special form of education organization in Russia intended, on one side, to involve active researchers of RAS in teaching of modern disciplins, and to provide for students an access to modern equipment and technologies concentrated in research institutes of RAS, on the other side. More...

General information

The SSD was founded on April 1, 1987 as the integration of the laboratory of Computer System Software and of the research group for Parallel Program Synthesis. More...

Since 1991 each odd year SSD organizes in Russia the next International Conference of Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT) series. The purpose of the conferences series is to bring together scientists working with theory, architecture, software and education. More...

Seventh International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT-2003) will be held in Nizhni Novgorod, September 15-19, 2003. Details...
The VLSI Microprocessors Website contains broad up-to-day information on modern commercial high-performance microprocessors. Go...
  [Partners]Our partners are Institut de Recherche sur les Phenomenes Hors Equilibre (France), University of Aizu (Japan) and some other Russian and European institutes. More...

We use Parsytec PowerXplorer multiprocessor with 8 PowerPC nodes (grant from European Community), multiprocessor Kvant (grant from the Ministry of Sciences) with 8 nodes of Transtech TTM110 board analog, and others to carry out our experiments. More...

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Structure of Department

Head of the Department - Victor Malyshkin, Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences.

E-mail malysh@ssd.sscc.ru.

Laboratory of Parallel Program Synthesis

Laboratory of Parallel Algorithms and Architectures

Research Group of Cellular Algorithms and Architectures

Secretariat - Svetlana Achasova, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Svetlana Achasova is responsible for answering questions concerning SSD staff members, research projects, publications, the Chair on Parallel Computing Technologies, or the PaCT International Conferences series.
E-mail achasova@ssd.sscc.ru.

Personal Home Pages

SSD academic staff constitute highly qualified researchers. Some participated in Russian parallel processing research teams in the 60s. They have now about 30 years experience of investigations in parallel processing. More...

Master Students Ph.D. Students

Contact Addresses
Supercomputer Software Department
Computing Center
Lavrentiev pr., 6
630090 Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
Phone +7 3832 343 994
Fax +7 3832 324 259
E-mail malysh@ssd.sscc.ru
Web http://www.ssd.sscc.ru/
          Supercomputer Software Department (SSD) is the part of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (Computing Center), that is the subdivision of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located in Academgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia. The SSD performs the complex study of diversified fields of parallel computer science. Each odd year it organizes the next International Conference of Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT) series. The SSD merged with the University Chair, which offers up to 5-7 Ph.D. programs per year.
     The SSD Website offers various information concerning with activities of the SSD: projects, publications, conferences proceedings, educational courses and other info on computing tecnologies.
     Keywords: Supercomputing Parallel Computing Software Technology Education

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