State Technical University of Novosibirsk

Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Chair of Parallel Computing Technologies
Head of the Chair: Victor MALYSHKIN

Technical University of Novosibirsk has established the Chair on Parallel Computing Technologies, staff members of the Chair are recruited among the stuff members of SSD (part time positions only). This is a special form of education organization in Russia intended, on one side, to involve active researchers of RAS in teaching of modern disciplines, and to provide for students the access to the modern equipment and technologies concentrated in research institutes of RAS, on the other side.

Chair is concentrated to teach in parallel computer science including theoretical foundations, parallel languages, systems and computing technologies, methods and tools for parallel solution of big size problems.

All the students are involved in SSD research projects, they have an access to the SSD equipment, software, technologies, library, to any scientific materials. As the members of the SSD research teams the students should accomplish a small investigation (research subproject of one of the SSD projects).

Every year the Chair offers up to 5-7 M.Sc. and the same number of Ph.D. programs.