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Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT-97)

Forth International Conference

September 8-12, 1997
Yaroslavl, Russia

This conference was jointly organized by the Computing Center of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk) and the Yaroslavl State University.

You could look at the conference announcement at:

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Main Topics


The Conference Proceedings were published by Springer Verlag in Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, Vol. 1277:





The Conference attracted more than 103 participants from around the world. Authors from over 21 countries submitted 72 papers, of which 20 were accepted as full papers and 21 were accepted as short papers.

Original papers only have been accepted for the Conference, each submitted paper was reviewed internationally by at least three referees. The most part of communications have been accomplished electronically. We are planning all the comminications of PaCT-99 will be done electronically only including papers submitting, reviewing and printing of the originals.

Country Participants 
 Australia 1
 Belarus 2
 Brazil 1
 Canada 1
 Cypros 1
 France 8
 Germany 2
 Korea 1
 Netherlands 1
 Republic of Korea 1
 Russia 79
 Slovakia 1
 Turkey 1
 UK 1
 Ukraine 1
 USA 1
 Totally 103

List of registered participants of PaCT-97

S. Achasova R. Mraz
H. Burkhart M. Lucka
M. Campbell V. Nepomniaschy
M. Cosnard E. Ozkarahan
P. Degano S. Piskunov
J. Dongarra I. Pottosin
V. Evstigneev C. Priami
Ya. Fet B. Roux
H. Franke N. Shilov
J. Hulman G. Silberman
H. Hum J. Smith
Yu. Kolosova I. Spillinger
V. Korneev M. Vajtersic
V. Kotov V. Valkovskii
V. Malyshkin V. Varshavsky
G. Mauri A. Vazhenin
G. McNiven V. Vshivkov
N. Mirenkov D. Yelinov
O. Monakhov G. Zabinyako
H. Zima

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