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Social Events

Traditionally, PaCT reserves one day of a conference to take its attendees to see local beauties, interesting places and to make a room for informal communications.

The preliminary program for such a day includes

  • excursion on a board of a ship along the Ob river and artificial Ob sea
  • sauna
  • bonfire and barbecue in a picturesque place on a river bank

We can organize guided visits to the botanic garden, to the scientific museums of geology and archeology and other cultural places of Novosibirsk.

We plan to organize a tour to the Altai mountains before or after the conference. Please inform us if you like to join such a trip and on you other specific interests.

Museums of Novosibirsk

Museums of Novosibirsk will be happy to show their threasures to the guests of the city. Novosibirsk State Museum of Arts, Museum of local history and nature, Museum of SB RAS, scientific museums of geology and archeology, Art Gallery "Che", Picture Gallery of House of Scientists, gallery of Russian-German House, Museum of N. K. Roerich, Museum of Siberian Birch Bark, Museum of Railroad Machinery, "No Soap" gallery are waiting to meet you.


There are more than 30 theaters in Novosibisk. The oldest and most popular are State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Academic Youth Theatre "Globus", State Academic Theatre "Krasnyj Fakel" ("Red torch"), "Na levom beregu" (On the Left Bank), Theatre of Musical Comedy, "Staryj Dom" and the Theatre of Sergey Afanasjef. Unfortunately, most of the theatres have holidays in summer and may have no performances during the days of the conference. However, the list of available performances will be published here before the conference.


Music lovers will find attracting concerts and performances hosted by Novosibirsk Philarmonic and State Music Conservarory (Academy), many of Culture Houses and music clubs. The list of musical events will be placed here.


Novosibirsk Zoo is the 1st zoological park in Siberia founded by the initiative of M.D. Zverev on the 29th of August, 1947. Presently the park occupies the territory of 53 hectares and demostrates 11000 specimens of 634 species. More than 120 of the species are considered to be rare and endangered and are listed in the international Red Book; about 180 - in the Red Book of Russia and CIS. Novosibirsk Zoo possesses one of the world best collections of the Felidae and the Mustelidae and is the only zoo in the world to have bred such species as Argali and Liger (the hybrid of the Bengalensis Tiger female and the African Lion male).

More sources of info on culture and entertainment in Novosibirsk

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