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Novosibirsk lies (see Google map) along the Ob River in the West Siberian Plain. It is Russia's third-largest city, after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and the administrative center of Novosibirsk Oblast (region). It is also the largest city in Siberia and the administrative center of Siberian Federal Region, in the southwest of which it is located.
Opera house


The city was founded in 1893 as the future site of the Trans-Siberian Railway bridge crossing the great Siberian river Ob and started to grow rapidly. During Stalin's industrialization and Second World War, Novosibirsk, being a large commercial city, turned into one of the largest industrial centers of Siberia.
New bridge and a part of an old bridge on the right


Academgorodok, the city of scientific research, was built about 30 km south of the city in 1957 and became the center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Located within Academgorodok are Novosibirsk National University, 35 research institutes, an agricultural academy, medical academy, scientific museums, botanic garden, apartment buildings and houses, and a variety of community amenities including stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and cafes, cinemas, clubs and libraries.


It is usually still warm enough (about 18 deg. celcius) and sunny in the end of August -- beginning of September. Siberian nature is very mild and beautiful in its autumn bright and clear colors.
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