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Tenth International Conference

on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT-2009)

Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2009

Novosibirsk, Academgorodok

1 Venue

The conference is held in Academgorodok (Academy town), 30 km South from Novosibirsk, the largest city of Siberia. Academgorodok is a scientific center of Siberia, located in a picturesque place near the Ob Sea. It is surrounded with birch and pine forests, which is very good not only for work but for recreation as well. Silence, beautiful landscape, and pure air are the factors promoting scientific activity and creativity. Located within Academgorodok are Novosibirsk National University, 35 research institutes, an agricultural academy, medical academy, scientific museums, botanic garden.

Map. Below is the link to a Google map with marks at all places related to the Conference. Note that marks are affixed upon a satellite map and can be misplaced a bit when seeing on maps of other type.

Time zone. Local time is +6 UTC (+7 UTC in summer, actual for the Conference period)

Weather. It is usually still warm enough (about 18 deg. celcius) and sunny in the end of August – beginning of September. Siberian nature is very mild and beautiful in its autumn bright and clear colors. However there can be rains and warm clothing will be good for evenings.

Electricity. 220V, 50Hz, two pin round plugs.

Emergency tel. numbers. 01 – fire, 02 – police, 03 – ambulance. If using a cell phone: 010  – fire, 020 – police, 030 – ambulance, 112 – general emergency service.

2 Contacts

Call +7 383 330-89-94 in case of any questions and inquiry further.

3 Transport

We will meet you at the airport and guide you to a taxi. The person, who will meet you, will have a board with your name and the PaCT-2009 label. We have contract with a taxi company to guaranty timeliness, good price and your safety. The price will be 500 Rbl approximately (50 km distance). The same taxi company will provide transfers back to airport. If there are other participants arriving about the same time you will be able to share your taxi and the price for the transfer.

There are public buses which allows you to get to Academgorodok without any help if you wish. It will take more time and is less convenient but cheaper. Unfortunately, there are no direct buses and you have to go first to the main railway station (“Novosibirsk Glavnyj”) by buses 111Э, 122 or 1122 (price is 20-50 Rbl, see timetable and maps at the airport site: and take route taxi number 1015 (price is about 45 Rbl) to get to the terminus (“Tsvetnoj proezd”) in Academgorodok. The bus stops are marked on a map. The route taxi 1015 is a small bus like this:

(photo by
Please, let us know if you don’t need meeting and/or taxi.

3 Hotel

We have booked rooms for all participants according to your wishes. Payment for the hotel is to be done at the reception desk in rubles (cash only).

4 Meals

Lunches will be provided by organizing committee and served in the restaurant of the House of Scientists on the Conference days at 12:00.

Coffee-breaks will be served between sessions at 10:00 and 15:00 or so.

Please note that breakfast is not included in the hotel rates. There is a cafe on the 8th floor of the hotel. A restaurant is situated on the ground floor. Other places are marked on a map.

In cafes and restaurants, usual meal will make 150-400 Rbl depending on what you choose. Going out to have a great dinner with wine will make 1500 Rbl on average.

5 Currency and banking

Euro, US dollars and Russian roubles can be obtained from ATMs with Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro Cirrus and other popular credit cards. ATMs can be found in many places – in the hotel, House of Scientists, Post Office (near the hotel), supermarkets, etc. Some of them are marked on a map. In Novosibirsk banks you can also obtain US dollar, Euro or Russian roubles with American Express, Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard at the current exchange rate. Brokerage is from 1% to 5% depending on the face value of the cheque. Novosibirsk banks also operate with Thomas Cook and CitiCorp traveler’s cheques. Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00. You can exchange cash for Russian roubles in banks and at exchange offices.

6 Cautions

Ticks, although few in autumn, pose a considerable danger of fevers and viral encephalitis – be careful during forest walks and check your clothes thoroughly afterwards. If bitten by a tick, do not remove it and tell an organizing committee member immediately! Walking along wide gravel paths in the forests not touching grass and on roads is save.

Card of a migrant, if applicable. Please remember that a card of a migrant is an important document. Normally, foreigners get it and are supposed to fill in during their flight to Russia. You’ll have to show it at passport control and then keep always with you.

7 Conference program

See the conference program here.

8 Social Program

Social Program of PaCT-2009 includes:

I The welcome party will start at 19:00 on Sunday, August 30 in the restaurant of the House of Scientists

II Social Day in the tourist complex “RUSSIAN HOUSE” ( will start on Tuesday evening, September 1st, end will be lasting during the whole Wednesday.

The schedule of events is as follows:

  • September 1

Departure from the hotel Zolotaya dolina  –  at 18:00
Arrival, accommodation
Conference dinner 22:00

  • September 2

Breakfast 9:00
A Glade of Fairy Tales, horse riding, phaeton driving
Recreation on a river:
Journey to the Island of Pleasures on a pontoon
Picnic on the pontoon
Banja (a sort of wet sauna, which is a genuine Russian tradition)
Departure at about 18:00

Tourist style clothing is recommended for the Social day. Please remember that most of the activities will be open-air. Have warm clothing with you. Note, that we will spend a night there. We recommend to keep your room in a hotel in Novosibirsk for this period. Anyways, make sure you will have your room back upon our return to Novosibirsk in the evening of the 2nd of Sept.

III The group photo of conference participants will be done on August 31 at 12:00 on the House of Scientists front steps. Everybody is kindly requested to participate.

9 Accompanying persons

Accompanying persons are welcome to participate in any event and receive any service of the organizing committe. Here is the price list for services:
Social day program (all inclusive) 2200 Rbl
Welcome party 821 Rbl
Lunch (3 meals: 31st Aug, 1st Sept, 3rd Sept) 1241 Rbl

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