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A tour to the Baikal lake

We plan to organize a tour to the Baikal Lakes after the conference. Please inform us if you like to join such a trip and on your other specific interests.

The [preliminary] program of Irkutsk visit

4 September – train Novosibirsk-Irkutsk (compartment car). Meeting with group. Departure at 15.26 (Moscow time)

6 September – Irkutsk arrival at 02.26 local time, coming to hotel (early coming) Breakfast at hotel. Departure to Baikal excursion, for Listvyanka (65 km): sightsee the Shaman-stone, St. Nikolas church, souvenir and fish markets. Limnological museum excursion, additional service (extra charge) – virtual diving to the Baikal bottom. Boat trip (1 hour). Barbecue lunch out-of-doors. Transfer to Irkutsk (for this day included: breakfast, lunch)

7 September – Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to bus station. Bus trip to Olkhon Island (travel to ferry boat – 250 km). Ferry boat trip to Olkhon - (approx. 40 min.). Transfer to the tourist centre at the central villiage of Olkhon. Accommodation in the wooden houses. Dinner at the tourist centre. Overnight at the tourist centre. (for this day included: breakfast, dinner)

8 September – Breakfast at the tourist center. Walk trip around Olkhon Island: the capital of the island – fisherman’s village Khuzhir famous for its Cape Burkhan, one of the 9 Asia’s sacred places. Additional excursion to the local museum (extra charge). Lunch at the tourist center. Transfer to Irkutsk (travel time including ferry boat - 6 hours). After Irkutsk coming accommodation in hotel. (for this day included: breakfast, lunch)

Prices of Irkutsk-Baikal tour (6 – 8 September)

- 2 person group = 25 300 rub./person;
- 6 person group = 15 985 rub./person;
- 7 person group = 15 295 rub./person.
(for the 20 May 2009 : 31.8 rubles = 1 USD)

The price includes:

- Staying at the Irkutsk hotel (2 days + 1 day for early arrival guarantee), tourist center Olkhon (1 day) - two persons in room in wooden houses;
- Meals (as mentioned above);
- Excursion program;
- Boat trip through Baikal, «Yaroslavets» boat (one person, 1 hour);
- tickets to the Baikal Limnological museum;
- Bus tickets (7 September);
- All not mentioned transfers by different transports;
- English-speaking guide.

Photo Gallery

Buryat national habitation

Buryat (local population)

Buryat shaman

Gulf Muchur and lake Hargojsky.
A view from mountain Hargoj

Stone columns at the Sagan-Zaba foot

The bridge over small river the Big Abrupt Bay
(140 km of the Circum-Baikal railway)

Baikal sturgeon


Young elk

Vicinity of Sandy bay

Vicinity of Sandy bay

Bolsodey bolster, in the distance - the cape with the same name

Circum-Baikal railway (in the past)

Circum-Baikal railway (today)

The bridge over the Angasolka river

The bridge over the Polovinnaja river

Cape Hoboj

Olkhon island

Zagli gulf on Olkhon

Cape Burhan

Cape Sagan-Hushun (Three Brothers). Olkhon island

Petroglyphs on the Sagan-Zaba rocks

Seaside ridge
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