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The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk National University and Novosibirsk State Technical Universities are jointly organizing the Tenth International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT-2009).

The conference will be held in Novosibirsk, August 31 - September 3, 2009. Nine previous conferences have been held in Novosibirsk (1991), Obninsk (1993), St.-Petersburg (1995, LNCS Vol.964), Yaroslavl (1997, LNCS Vol. 1277), Pushkino (1999, LNCS Vol.1662), Novosibirsk (2001, LNCS Vol.2127), Nizhniy Novgorod (2003, LNCS Vol. 2763), Krasnoyarsk (2005, LNCS Vol. 3606) and Pereslavl-Zalessky (2007, LNCS Vol. 4671).

The aim of the PaCT-2009 is to give an overview of new developments, applications, and trends in parallel computing technologies. We sincerely hope that the conference will help our community to deepen understanding of parallel computing technologies by providing a forum for an exchange of views between scientists and specialists from over the world.

We welcome your active participation.

The official language of the Conference is English.

The schedule of the Conference is available on this page.

Main topics

  • New trends and models in parallel programming
  • All aspects of the applications of parallel computer systems
  • Methods and tools for parallel solution of large-scale problems
  • Languages, environment and software tools supporting parallel processing
  • Operating systems, scheduling, mapping, load balancing
  • General architecture concepts
  • Cellular automata and cellular neural networks
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Teaching parallel processing
  • Software for GRID computing
  • Software Transactional Memory

If you are looking for the International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), please, follow this link:,

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